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C'est une première !

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Yes. This is a first. Here's the first article on this brand new blog. So, I'll make it short, and just explain you WHY I decided to add a blog on this website.

Well... first of all, because I wanted to share with you some material I regularly publish on social media, and I'd like to give here some more details about it. So if you are interested in new vocabulary, a short grammar explanation, cultural facts about France and the French, come back to this blog on a regular basis!

The second reason is that I wanted to make it easier for my podcast audience to comment, suggest and participate to the episodes. Instead of writing on various platforms, everything will be concentrated here, and you will be able to see what others said about a specific episode or topic.

So here we are. This was a first. Let's begin!

See you very soon, with some interesting news ;-)

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