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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

"Ok, let's watch one last episode... and then I'm done for today..."

Let's be honest. Have you ever said that and continued watching episode after episode until, at 3 am, you simply don't understand anymore what they say because you are too tired? I confess. I did.

And we keep clicking on "next episode" because... well because we REALLY need to know NOW what's next.

In the new episode of the French To Go podcast, I'm discussing the fact that my children are binge-watching and even decided to watch a quite violent series. Is it really awful? Fiction vs. reality? Lack of social life? Damages to our health? Those are the topics of the 30th (!!!!) episode.

So, if you have an intermediate level in French, go and listen to the new episode on or on your favorite app. (And remember to subscribe - for free - to get updates about new episodes released.

Now. I am really sorry. Deeply sorry. But I'm going to add to your lack of social life, the damages on your health, your sleepless nights... (but at least your French will be improved).

Because here's a list of quite to very good French-speaking series, à voir et à revoir. (to see again and again).

But first, some recommendations:

  1. Accept the idea that you won't understand much of what the French characters say (they speak fast, eat syllables, use a lot of slang words and expressions - in short, not really "non-fluent-in-French-friendly). Instead, celebrate each time you DO understand a word, a sentence, a conversation.

  2. If you can (i.e. if your level allows it, and the app/platform), watch the series with subtitles in French. You'll duplicate your chances of understanding and improving your French.

  3. Choose a series you like. You're here to enjoy, not to suffer ;-)

So, here's my list of favorites:

Murders, mysteries, detective...

Zone blanche (Black Spot)

La mante

La forêt

Le chalet

Les revenants

Police and dramas

Profilage (the first seasons)



Le bazar de la charité


Family Business

Dix pour cent

Plan coeur

There are also very good Canadian series but I recommend it only to those with a high level in French or those who learn Canadian French (québécois) because the vocabulary is sometimes very different and of course the accent can be difficult to understand if you are not used to. Here are some of my favorites:

Unité 9

Les Simone


Au secours de Beatrice

Lâcher prise


Faits divers

Pour Sarah

By the way you can watch all those Canadian series on the free app tv5 monde plus.

Oh, and before I forget, if you are more of a bookworm person (or maybe you like both binging series and reading!), then check here my list of recommendations of books in French you could (quite) easily read from an intermediate level. And if you're looking for other fun ways to learn French, read this!

Enjoy! Passez de bons week-ends pluvieux sur le canapé... à écouter du français :-)

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