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If you've always wanted to speak French, you are at the right place

Take your French to the next level: join a course on Zoom

I regularly open online courses:

  • 12-week courses for beginners, false beginners, low and high-intermediate levels.

  • series of 60-minute conversation classes for intermediate level.

Each course includes a few participants only, to enhance the learning and guaranty you'll speak as much as possible.

I invite you to come back regularly to this page to check oncoming courses, or subscribe to the newsletter to get updates!

For the moment, all the courses are for Hebrew speakers.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me by email.

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מפגשי שיחה בצפרתית בזום

רוצה לדעת מתי נפתח הקורס הבא?

השאיר/י פרטים לקבלת 


מעולה! אשלח לך פרטים על פתיחת הקורסים הבאים

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