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Boost your everyday French with the podcast!


Podcasts are a great learning resource. 

Personally, I listen everyday to podcasts in the different foreign languages I know to refresh and enrich my knowledge.

Listening regularly to the weekly 15-minute episodes of French To Go will help you improve your listening skills, enrich your vocabulary, create oral patterns, master your pronunciation, and - believe me! - boost your speaking skills!

In short, French To Go will enhance your communication skills!

  • If you learned French a few years ago (maybe a few decades?) and wish to refresh it in an entertaining way, you're in the right place.

  • If you are learning French on your own and feel the need to listen to something else than the audio from your French book, you're in the right place.

French To Go is available on many podcast apps. Just look for it in your favorite app and subscribe!

Listen on:

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New season, new beginning!

Discover the new feature of season 2 of the French To Go podcast: maximize your learning with the...

French To Go the New PDF

A worksheet to learn and practice vocabulary and grammar linked to the podcast.

For each episode, get a pdf with:

the transcription and the translation into English

- the vocabulary explained and with examples

- a vocabulary exercise

- a grammar point in a nutshell and an exercise to check your understanding

- a personal feedback on YOUR recording


The first episodes are really easy - best for false beginners.

From episode 6 to 52 - best for intermediate level (A2).

To take the most benefit from the podcast, listen twice to each episode: the first time in your car, during a walk or anywhere else far from screens, the second time while reading the transcription (and translation if needed). 

Click on "Season 1 - the PDFs" to get free access to the transcription and translations into English and Hebrew.