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So... you want to speak French. Right?

Well, in order to do that, you need to listen!

I know, it sounds a little bit silly. But believe me, and my experience as a French teacher and as a learner, listening to a foreign language helps you talking!

Podcasts are a great way to do that.

Personally, I listen everyday to podcasts in the different foreign languages I know to refresh and enrich my knowledge.

Listening to French To Go will:

  • enrich your French vocabulary

  • improve your understanding

  • allow you to create oral patterns

  • help you become familiar to the French sounds and melody

  • and teach you some new fun facts about French culture (or simply my life ;-)

Let's make a deal!

Listen to French To Go for three months, every week, and if you really feel there is no improvement in your speaking skills, you'll get a full refund. 

Oh.... wait! The French to Go podcast is 100% free! So, actually, there is no possible refund. You can only gain something from listening to the podcast... 

I have good news for you: 

French To Go is available on all the podcast apps.

Just look for it in your favorite app and remember to subscribe!

Podcast French To Go
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SEASON 1 - Episodes 1-52

The first episodes are really easy - best for false beginners. From episode 6 to 52 - best for intermediate level (A1+/A2).

The transcriptions are available for free, in French with English or Hebrew translations.

SEASON 2 - Episodes 53-99

I think you had enough of my friends, so I decided to speak more about my life, about things I see, I do, things that happened to me.

All episodes are best for intermediate level (A1+/A2). 

I got a little bit lazy for this second season (sorry!) and the transcriptions are only in French. But still free!

SEASON 3 - From episode 100

I'm still here, every week, telling you stories in French... daily stories and thoughts. 

Get your weekly dose of spoken French every Sunday morning!

All episodes are best for intermediate level (A1+/A2). 

The full transcriptions in French are free. Click below to read and/or download.

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