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The Daily Whatsapp Program

Get your own private French teacher

For a few minutes a day

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee

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If you ended up here,

it probably means that you already joined a French course in your country,

maybe on the Internet,

or you’ve learned by yourself with videos on YouTube, apps and more.

First, let me congratulate you!

I am really happy you started your journey to achieve your dream: speak French.


But what now?

Most of us don’t have daily opportunities to actually use the foreign language we learned. 

How many of you are traveling to France every month?

How many of you have family members or friends with French as their mother tongue?


Personally, I learned German when I was in Highschool and I finished with quite a good level.

But the problem came afterwards: how to find ways to practice my knowledge.

Movies, series, songs, books…

That’s great. But I was only practicing my listening skills. 

I wasn't using MY German.

The French Daily WhatsApp program is here for you to practice YOUR French!

Your speaking skills

Your writing skills

Your grammar

Your fluency

Join the program.

Every morning, five days a week, you will receive a short exercise in French.

Directly on your mobile phone. 

You decide how much time to put on it:

... just a few minutes if you want to improve your responsiveness in French,

... or maybe a little more if you want to perfect your grammar or your production.

Simply answer. With a voice message. With a written message. Or both.


But the best point in this program is still to come:

You will get personal feedback on your answers, by a professional French teacher. 

Every day. 

As one former participant of the program said,

it’s like “having the support of a private teacher on a daily basis", for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

French Daily WhatsApp program
French Daily WhatsApp program
French Daily WhatsApp program
French Daily WhatsApp program
French Daily WhatsApp program
French Daily WhatsApp program

​The Daily WhatsApp Program in a nutshell

  • We start every Sunday morning.


  • You can join for a week and you will get a daily message during 5 days

  • or you can join for a month (4 weeks in a row).​

  • The program is best for intermediate level.

If you're not sure it suits your level, check the examples, or even better, send me a message

How much does it cost?

You may try it for a week for 29 NIS (approx. USD 7,70 or € 7,20).

If you really want to see improvements, register for a month for 95 NIS (approx. USD 25,20 or € 24).

Join program
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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

התוכנית בוואטסאפ היא דרך נהדרת להכניס את הצרפתית לשגרת היום, לתרגל ולשפר את הדקדוק וההגיה. המשובים של דלפין הם סופר מקצועיים ונדיבים, ממש ליווי של מורה פרטית ברמה היומיומית. עשיתי את התוכנית במשך חודשיים, כיף ונחמד להתחיל את הבוקר עם משימה קטנה בצרפתית, מתכוונת להמשיך 😊

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Jan 14
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

עשיתי את התכנית של ווטסאפ יומי במשך 3 חודשים. נהניתי מאוד ולמדתי מזה המון. ממש נחמד לקבל כל יום משימה קטנה בווטסאפ, שאיפשרה לי להיזכר, לשמר, לשים לב לדברים חדשים. דלפין תיקנה לי את המשפטים מבחינת דקדוק ומבחינת הגיה וזה היה כמו שיעור פרטי בשבילי.

חיכיתי לווטסאפ שלה כל בוקר, ובימי שישי - חיכיתי לשירים שהיא שולחת. ללמוד בכיף גדול!!! ממליצה מאוד על התכנית!!


Jan 03


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