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Keyboard and Mouse
Delphine Woda French à la carte

My name is Delphine Woda and I am a native and independent teacher for French as a second language (FLE).

I have been teaching French since 2007, mainly to adults, in private and group lessons, in regular classrooms and online.

Through my professional experience but also as I myself learned three foreign languages (English, German and Hebrew), I am fully aware of the challenge, the difficulties, and the frustrations in the learning process.

My goal is to provide you with the tools to learn by yourself and constantly improve your knowledge in order to be able to communicate in French, mostly speak and understand. 

The resources you will find here will give you the opportunity to learn and practice the different skills: listening and reading comprehension, grammar, and speaking competence. 

Just do it on your own rhythm and contact me for any help. 

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