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La grammaire tout en un !

Let's talk French grammar!

Congratulations! You know quite a lot of French words now!

You've learned them by yourself, maybe with videos on YouTube, or an app, or you've joined a course.

Vocabulary is great, very useful.

 But if you wish to speak French, you need to build sentences, and therefore you need grammar.

If you are still reading those lines, it probably means you've understood it by now: you need grammar.

You are aware of what you lack.

You are fully aware you cannot continue learning words and ignore grammar.

I know, grammar is not sexy, especially French grammar: rules, exceptions, weird words, boring content...

But if you don't want to keep on speaking in French like a to-do list (ALLER SUPERMARCHE, ACHETER ORANGES, MANGER AVEC SOEUR...), you really need to learn and practice French grammar.

The grammar lessons are only for Hebrew speakers for the moment.

The version for English speakers is coming soon.

If you wish to receive an update, please send your details here.

Let me introduce you to "Grammaire... Tout en un", a series of grammar lessons "all in one", especially designed to empower you to communicate in French with proper sentences... and make yourself understood.

Every lesson of the series includes a video with explanations  and simple implementations on daily conversations, exercises on the Internet, a worksheet (with answers) and the recording of the sentences to improve your fluency.

Master specific grammar points and express yourself correctly in conversations in French. 

Enjoy this free lesson


Step 1: download the PDF file with the lesson

Step 2: watch the video (below)

Step 3: download the worksheet and do the exercises (answers at the end)

Step 4: practice on the Internet

exercise 1

exercise 2

exercise 3

exercise 4

Step 5: Listen to the recording and repeat

00:00 / 05:16

"Grammaire... Tout en un"​ in a nutshell


Upon purchasing a grammar lesson, you will receive a ZIP file including:

- a PDF file with explanation and links to the exercises on the Internet

- a video file with the lesson in MP4 format (between 20-30 minutes)

- a PDF file with exercises and answers

- an audio file with the recording of the sentences in MP4 format

Check the level of the lesson before your purchase:

A0+ - false beginners

A1/A1+ - intermediate

A2 - advanced

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