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דלפין וודה מורה לצרפתית

Start Speaking French today!

Your dream is to understand and speak French.
Because it's exactly what I'm doing best.
Hi! I'm Delphine and I teach people how to speak French and enjoy it.

If you're here, it means speaking French has been a dream for you for a long time now.

Maybe you learned French years ago and are keen on getting back to it.
Or you may have started to learn French on your own for a few months, but now you feel the need for a more organized and serious framework.

You are looking for a platform where to learn, practice and improve your spoken French.

I'm here to help. 

But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a native and certified teacher for French as a second language (FLE). Since 2007, I have been teaching French, mainly to adults, in private and group lessons, in regular classrooms and online.

My true desire is to help people communicate in French and feel confident while speaking.​ 

If you want more details about my experience and personal life, check out the "about" section.

Now, let's see how I can help you.

Avigail Dror, Israel

Beginners Zoom Course

"Excellent course. I started with two words in French, and now I can talk a little bit. Learning and gradual progress. Delphine always gives a feeling of success. The daily practice in WhatsApp is excellent, you immediately receive feedback. Delphine is available and attentive to everything and the atmosphere is supportive and wonderful in the group. It was fun, I learned – I was hooked.”

Maya Hodaya, Israel

Intermediate Zoom Course

"Delphine is a super professional teacher. She creates a pleasant atmosphere, she's always available and answers courteously to any questions. Recorded sessions, written materials, on-site homework, and WhatsApp exercises are very helpful in learning the language. Don't hesitate and register!”

Noga Menahem, Israel

Daily Whatsapp Program

"I have been doing the Daily WhatsApp program for 3 months. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot from it. It's really nice to have a little task on WhatsApp every day, which allows me to remember, preserve, pay attention to new things. Delphine corrected my sentences in terms of grammar and pronunciation, and it was like a private lesson to me.

I waited for her WhatsApp every morning, and on Fridays, I waited for the songs she sent. Learn with great fun!! I highly recommend the program!!

learn how to speak

3-month courses on Zoom

Small groups to get more talking time

Dynamic meetings which emphasize speaking

Essential grammar and vocabulary knowledge

Daily practice in the WhatsApp group.

Online courses

Learn at your own pace

Dynamic video lessons which emphasize speaking

Essential grammar and vocabulary knowledge

להצטרף לקורס צרפתית בזום


Practice your speaking skills

by joining the conversation classes on Zoom.

Enrich your vocabulary about everyday topics

and boost your confidence while talking with

other people at the same level.

Still need some practice on your own

before meeting other French students?

Strengthen your fluency with the Audio Coaching

Practice French and grammar with the Daily Whatsapp program

להאזין לפודקאסאט בצרפתית

listen to

Practice your listening skills for free

by watching the videos

on the French Carte YouTube channel

and listening to the French To Go podcast 

wherever you enjoy your podcasts.

your grammar

Master important and useful grammar points

Enjoy the complete grammar packages

with a video, online exercises, a worksheet and the recording

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