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דלפין וודה מורה לצרפתית

Start Speaking French!

Your dream is to understand and speak French.
You learned French years ago and are keen on getting back to it.
You've started to learn French on your own, but now you feel the need for a more organized course.
You look for a platform to speak French.

That's perfect because it's exactly what I'm doing best:
I t
each people how to speak French and enjoy it!

What is your learning profile?

Check the 3 profiles and my personal suggestions to create the best learning program for you!


  • You feel the need for an accountable  and supportive framework to ensure your study.

  • You have a lack of grammatical skills and desire a combination of conversation and grammar.

  • You are interested in a structured and (a bit) intensive study program.

Join a 12-week course on Zoom, including daily practice on Whatsapp.

Either at the end of the course or concurrently, participate in conversation classes and boost your speaking skills with the Audio Coaching program.


  • You find it hard to commit to the long term or specific dates due to your busy schedule.

  • You want to learn at your own pace and time, whether it's at night, in the morning, on weekends...

  • You learn better on your own (with some support).

Join the hybrid digital course* that combines an online course with personal feedbacks and two private Zoom sessions with a teacher.
Join a conversation class at the last minute, whenever your schedule allows it.

Practice your speaking skills whenever and wherever you want with the Audio Coaching program.

*coming soon

Mix & Match

  • You have studied in the past and you know your weaknesses and what needs to be strengthened, practiced, and improved.

  • At this time, you prefer a less demanding and intensive setting.

  • You wish to combine various study points.

Join conversation classes as much as your schedule allows it.

Practice your speaking skills whenever and wherever you want with the Audio Coaching program.

Join the Daily Whatsapp group to practice your French 3 minutes a day.

If you lack some specific knowledge, watch the grammar videos on YouTube or send me a private message on Instagram (I'll answer every Monday).

להאזין לפודקאסאט בצרפתית

listen to

Practice your listening skills for free

by watching the videos

on the French Carte YouTube channel

and listening to the French To Go podcast 

wherever you enjoy your podcasts.


Practice your speaking skills

by joining the conversation classes on Zoom.

Enrich your vocabulary about everyday topics

and boost your confidence while talking with

other people at the same level.

Not ready to speak with other people?

Boost your confidence with the new Audio Coaching program.

learn how to speak

The 3-month courses on Zoom are built to provide you with the grammar and vocabulary knowledge you need to speak.

Enjoy classes in small groups

to get more talking time.

Experience dynamic classes which emphasize speaking about everyday topics.

Practice daily with short missions in the WhatsApp group.

להצטרף לקורס צרפתית בזום
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