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Refresh your French
Speak with confidence
Discover French culture

Whether you learned French a few years ago (maybe decades ago) and wish to refresh your knowledge, or you’ve started learning and are looking to improve some skills, French Carte has something to offer to you.


  • To practice and enrich your vocabulary, to work on your listening and speaking skills, listen to the French To Go podcast, and make sure you complete the learning process by reading the transcription.


  • To better understand grammar, watch the short videos and deepen your knowledge with the explanations and worksheets in the learning section La P’tite grammaire.


  • Is speaking French your goal? Do you wish to take your French to the next level? Then practice with me! Join an online course or the conversation classes series held twice a year.


  • If you’re looking for tips to make your learning easier and more efficient, or if you are curious about French culture, read the articles of Le Blog.


  • Still stuck? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Simply contact me.

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