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French Online Conversation Classes

How does it work?

In the Spring series of French Online Conversation Classes, there are 4 classes per level. In each class, we talk about a new topic from the daily life. There are up to 6 participants per class, and it lasts 60 minutes. Classes are held on Thursdays (6:45 pm or 8 pm UTC+3).

How to join a class?

  1. Choose a level: A - low intermediate (A1/A1+), B - intermediate (A2/A2+)

  2. Choose a topic

  3. Click on "book your spot", choose a session, follow the instructions and proceed to the payment (9 Euros per class - you have to book and pay for each class separately).

That's it! You're in!

You will receive a confirmation by email and a receipt for your payment. Note that you can pay via Paypal or credit card. Be aware of the rescheduling and cancelling policy.

What's next?

A few days before class, you will receive a document with questions we'll discuss, and some useful vocabulary. You may prepare before class, or just improvise... It's up to you!

After the class, you will receive the new vocabulary we learned during the session.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me by email.