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French To Go / new episode: Let's change the rules!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The new episode of the French To Go podcast is online! Quickly open your app or listen to it here.

It all starts with Caroline stepping in dog poop :-(... and by the end of the episode we had changed the rules in the parks of Lyon. If you want to understand the links between the two "events", go and listen!

We had fun inventing some new (stupid) rules - although I still think that some of them should be adopted by the municipality of Lyon (can you guess which one?). I looked on Google for other stupid rules in France, and among some which have been canceled, and others which are (apparently) only rumors, I found a funny and true one:

UFOs (ovnis in French) are not allowed to fly above the village of Chateauneuf-du-pape, and of course to land on it.

Did the mayor have some major information linking aliens to bad wine, that WE don't know about?

Now, your turn: is there any "stupid" law or rule in your country? Tell us more in the comments or record it!

N.B. Here's the link to some absurd rules in France (be careful, some are only rumors).

Credit: Photo by Roxane Roth on Unsplash

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