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La galette des rois or "how to ruin your resolution with one cake"

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

In France, the Epiphany - a Christian holiday celebrating the visit paid by the three kings to the new born Jesus (read more here) is, as usual, the occasion to eat something really healthy. No, I'm kidding. There is no such thing as a healthy holiday meal in France. Instead, we thought a lot about what we could eat in order to ruin by the first week of January our good resolution for a healthy lifestyle, and we found a good one. A really good one: butter. I mean, not butter in a stick, but... disguised butter - la galette des rois.

So, if you want to know exactly my opinion about it, listen to the podcast episode no. 35 (for intermediate level). Here's the link. If you just want to get a good recipe, read below.

Since the galette as we can find in the boulangeries-pâtisseries in France is quite bitter, I invented my own recipe. So, take it as a nice (and heavy) cake but not as the traditional galette des rois.

Pour 6 personnes :

Deux cercles de pâte feuilletée

Pour la crème : 125 grammes de poudre d'amandes, 50 grammes de beurre, 50 grammes de sucre, une cuillère à soupe de cacao et un oeuf.

Et un oeuf en plus pour faire dorer la galette.

Faire préchauffer votre four à 210 degrés Celsius.

Mélanger tous les ingrédients de la crème et mettre cette crème sur un cercle de pâte feuilletée. Laisser une marge de 1 à 2 centimètres. Badigeonner la marge de blanc d'oeuf. Déposer le deuxième cercle de pâte et bien coller les bords. Faire des dessins sur la galette au couteau (attention à ne pas déchirer la pâte). Badigeonner de jaune d'oeuf.

Mettre au four pendant environ 25 minutes.

If you wish to get the real recipe, the traditional one, have a look at this one!

But actually, if crêpes are mostly home made, it's really not the case regarding the galette. All my friends (especially the women) will tell you: Why bother baking a galette at home when you can buy a very good one in every bakery?

Well, now you know when to come to France - in early January, and you will enjoy this fabulous view in every street corner.

Pic source.

Oh, and, of course, here's how to buy one: "Bonjour, je voudrais une galette des rois pour si(x) personnes, s'il vous plaît." (Remember not to pronounce the "x" at the end of 6. Just say "si".)

Bon appétit !

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