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Take your French to the next level

I regularly open online courses:

  • 16-week courses for beginners, beginners plus, and intermediate levels.

  • series of 60-minute conversation classes for low-intermediate and high-intermediate levels.

Each course includes a few participants only, to enhance the learning and guaranty you'll speak as much as possible.

I invite you to come back regularly to this page to check oncoming courses, or subscribe to the newsletter to get updates!

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me by email.

For Hebrew Speakers
For Hebrew Speakers

False Beginners course on Zoom for Hebrew Speakers Starting May 10, 2022

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החל מה28.3.22
החל מה28.3.22

קורס צרפתית למתחילים לדוברי עברית כולל 16 מפגשים של 90 דקות בזום, ליווי יומי בוואטסאפ קבוצה קטנה של עד 5 משתתפים סילבוס ופרטים בקרוב

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מתחיל ב7.3.22
מתחיל ב7.3.22

קורס בן 16 מפגשים לרמה A1+ לדוברי עברית

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Start speaking in French

One of the main challenges when learning a new language - if not THE one - is to speak.


Whether you learn with a teacher or on your own, you never have enough opportunities to actually communicate, talk, speak. The online conversation classes I provide make it possible for you to have real speaking time, to use your knowledge to express yourself. 

Twice a year (in April and August), I organize a series of 60-minute conversation classes with a maximum of 6 students in each one. 

Visit regularly this page or subscribe to the newsletter to get updates about upcoming conversation classes!

If you have any question, feel free to contact me by email.

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The Spring series is over!

See you for the Summer series!

If you are interested, send me an email!