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French To Go podcast : a new episode released!

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

It's coffee time!

Yes, the new episode of the French To Go podcast is all about coffee or... how a quite old French habit (a simple espresso) became a problem.

Listen to me telling the discussion with Fred, Cyril, Franck and the others about coffee and ecology. Yes, ecology.

Have I aroused your curiosity? Great! Now, let's "meet" on your favorite app or here.

As usual, best for intermediate level (A2). The transcription and the translations are available here.

And as I announce it in the episode, you are sincerely invited to leave a comment below. What coffee do you drink, at home and in coffeeshops? What coffee do you buy? Do you have a coffee machine at home? What do you think of Fred's arguments? Tell me all about it!

(As for the vocal message I'm talking about... I have some technical issue. I hope it will be fixed very soon. Stay updated!)

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